Online Trainer? Set up your video workout programs tracked on 3D body model in mobile app and send them to any number of clients within minutes!

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How it works

Trainers worldwide share short workout videos

Videos are organized by body parts on a 3D model

Trainers create and share custom workout routines

PhysCult App
displays engaged muscles on a 3d body model
and tracks...
Workout Style
Calories Burned
Exercises Performed
Days With Workouts
and more!
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ways to train with physcult
you train others online
Share your workouts and routines
to your clients and followers
you're your own trainer
Log your own
workout with a famous trainer
Perform exercises and workouts from
your favorite
workout with entire fitness community
Generate non-repeating workouts
based on your preferences
you train the world

Enjoy creating and sharing workouts to motivate others

Love growing your online and offline fitness audience

Want to measure your impact and know the extent of your reach

inspiring others

Influence millions who want to transform their lives

Create and share workout programs on mobile, on the go

Convert your followers into clients among other online trainers

you're your own trainer

Have your own workout program and style

Know what, how and when you need to train

Want to know how your body changes

in control

Record which muscles and how intensely you train

Know if you are over- or under-training

Share your fitness progress with Before/After pictures

famous trainer is your trainer

Get the motivating trainer you always wanted

Want to be accountable and stay on track

Learn the best techniques and practices


Get motivated to keep going

Train like professional athlete

Invite your favorite trainer to join the community

the world trains you

Looking for the best fitness motivators and influencers

Want to learn new exercises and workout techniques

Want to target certain areas of your body

in the movement

Discover like-minded fitness enthusiasts and pros

Generate non-repeatable workouts

Track what body parts you workout and how you train