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1. What are the exercises on PhysCult?

Users of PhysCult app upload and share their exercises as easy as posting a video on Instagram. You can record your exercises from camera, add them from your gallery, and, speaking of Instagram, pull your exercises from there and share them on PhysCult.

Adding Exercises

Exercises are not simply the posts, however. When you share an exercise you specify on a 3D body model which muscles work in this exercise. So every time someone performs your exercise, these muscles are tracked for them📓💪. And you, in turn, know how many times your exercise was viewed and performed✏️. The more your exercise is performed on a given week, the higher is your Trainer’s Rank.

2. How do I create workouts on PhysCult?

Think of your exercises like pieces of lego: you can put them together in any order and create however complex structures you wish. The difference, however, is that you can use each exercise as many times as you wish.

In the app, go to My Workouts –> Create Content –> Create Workout. If you don’t have exercises, you would need to add them first. Once you add exercises to your workout, add sets, reps, and weight.

Notice, that 👀🚫private content only visible to you or to whoever you share it within a routine.

👀 Public content is visible to everyone. You can switch this setting back and forth, but note that a few public workouts attract others to your profile and help grow your rankings.

3. What are private and public exercises?

Exercises are the building blocks of your workouts and routines. Every time you share an exercise on PhysCult, you choose whether it becomes public or private, and you can change this setting any time you want.
Public exercises are visible on your profile. They also go into the pull of exercises used by the app algorithm to generate workouts. Public exercises are good to have on your profile because every time your exercise is performed, your ranking goes up. But more importantly, they give the most initial preview of who you are as a trainer: what techniques you teach, what equipment you use, or where you train. Also, people who don’t even know you can discover you through these exercises as they show up in their generated workouts. So put your best foot forward with these.
Private exercises are not visible on your profile by default. However, if you create a workout with some of these exercises and make this workout public, the exercises will be visible in this workout. Also, these exercises within a private workout will be visible to someone who you shared a routine with. Private exercises will not go into the generated workouts – these are your special, top-secret, award winning moves! That said, anything specific or very advanced is probably best to be in private exercises (and public workouts, in case you want them to be available from your profile) as they are reserved for your own audience only and may be too difficult for the general public.

4. What are private and public workouts?

A workout is like a finished thought, it has a logical progression and makes a point. Via workouts, you can really demonstrate your craft. Public workouts are on your profile for everyone to perform. You can even perform your own workouts. Private workouts are only visible when shared via a routine. You can change the setting in a workout to make a new workout available on your profile as often as you need to. Both private and public workouts in your routine are visible to the routine recipients. You send the routine to them – they see everything in it!

5. How do I create routines on PhysCult?

Whether it is a weekly workout update for your clients, a 12-week transformation contest, a customized competition prep, or daily exercises for your mom, PhysCult can handle that! In the app, go to My Workouts –> Create Content –> Create Routine. If you haven’t uploaded exercises and created at least one workout, you’d need to do these first. For better guidance, diet recommendations, philosophical rants, or raw motivation, use the instructions section!

Created routine becomes a draft. You can modify it and share it to however many people you wish. To share a routine, press that big red button “Share Now” and add the emails of the recipients with a personal message. If a person does not have PhysCult yet, you can still send the routine! When they download the app, the routine will be sitting there, waiting for them. Better yet, when they get to the app, their email will change to a picture with the username so you know they accessed your routine.

There are many creative solutions you can use to grow your audience and serve your training clients. Read on!

6. What are come creative things I can do with exercises/workouts/routines?

When exercises become too plenty, how can you differentiate them, aside from the name? 💡Emojis! Who does not like them? Plyometric exercises 💦, power moves 🏋, high intensity drills 🔥!

When you build a routine, what’s a better way to keep a routine user on track? Name the workouts with days of a week🗓, identify the focus of a workout💪.

What about workout routines? Once you shared a routine with a person or a group, it becomes a mini-portal of information exchange. You can modify this shared routine and its users will see the changes. That means you can drop all workouts of the program in one routine and never touch it again. You can split workouts in a few routines (week 1, week 2) and share them all at once. Also, you can share each weekly routine separately as time progresses. Or you can completely remake a shared routine as frequent as you wish, so that your subscribers get new content all the time.