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1. Who is PhysCult for?

PhysCult is a peer-to-peer platform for every member of online fitness community and every step of fitness journey.


Trainers like you, share exercises, workouts, and routines to clients, followers, or all users of PhysCult app. And everyone can perform others’ workouts, their own workouts, or simply log what they do on their own.

2. Who can be a trainer?

Anyone who shares exercises! Some might earn their fitness professional certification by remembering all the proper terminology and fiercely practicing in a classroom📚💪. Others got their experience by going though a few life changing competitions🏆💪. And there are those who embody fitness knowledge by living in a gym, day in and day out(😊🏋😴)🔁. And, frankly, some just want to send a few exercises to their sister in another country(💁🏻🌎👩🏽)!

3. What workouts can I train on PhysCult?

Even though PhysCult fits regular gym and bodyweight workout techniques, you can train virtually anything via the app! If a move can be demonstrated within (or broken down into) short videos with relevant muscles involved, it can be taught on PhysCult. (🏋🎥) ➡️ (💪📱)

Yoga, flexibility, pole dancing, martial arts, your special secret training techniques … A little bit of creativity, and PhysCult will handle the rest!

4. How does PhysCult help?

✅ For online fitness trainers, PhysCult replaces having to create and maintain a website, a YouTube channel, and numerous Google docs. The fitness content is created, stored, and shared all on one place and in a way your clients prefer – as videos.

✅ For fitness trainers in gyms and studios, you can earn extra by offering your clients your custom sessions via PhysCult when they travel or when they work on their own. Being remote does not mean having to stop training with you.

5. What content can I create in PhysCult?

The smallest form of content on PhysCult is an exercise video with relevant muscle groups assigned 🎥💪.

Out of exercises you can create workouts, as simple as boiled chicken breast and as complex as bodybuilder’s supplements menu👍. Then from workouts you can create routines ranging from a 12 week transformation guide to a bespoke competition prep program. And, of course, this is not everything: provide your commentary, workout notes, or simply life wisdom in a free form text together with the routines you share🗒!

6. What are the requirements to video exercises?

Do your best with the quality of exercises you share – but you already know that! While you can make complex moves,  keep it one exercise per video. From a raw footage straight from gym to perfectly staged exercises with video editing, it’s up to you to decide the kind of content you are sharing. Videos in landscape format look best in the app.

⏱15 seconds is a maximum length of each individual exercise, because we believe that constrains lead to creativity. Also, it saves time, data, and battery of those who exercise with these videos (and they do appreciate it!).

7. Who sees the exercises I share?

It depends whether you upload them as public or private content.

👀 All public exercises are visible on your profile and can fall within the workouts that are generated by the users of the app.

👀🚫All private exercises are only visible within the routines that you share with someone.

But wait a minute! What if your exercises are specific (like handstand training) and probably not appropriate to be used in generated workouts, but you still want to generously share them for all? You can do that! Just create a public workout out of your private exercises! And you exercises are now visible within that workout💡!

8. What are generated workouts?

For people who came to the app without a specific trainer in mind, PhysCult creates unique targeted workouts from exercises shared my trainers. Think of it as a crowdsourced workout and also an opportunity to be discovered🌠. After every workout, a user can see the trainers in it.

9. What are the ranks on my profile?

Your Fitness Rank reflects how many exercises this week you have performed/logged relative to the leader amongst all users of the PhysCult app.💯% means you have performed most exercises at this specific moment! It might change if someone outdo you, so keep going.
Your Trainer Rank reflects how many of your exercises were performed this week by others relative to the leader.💯% means your exercises are crushing it! That, by the way, means that your face will appear among the most popular trainers at this moment.🏅Keep climbing!