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What affects my visibility in PhysCult app?

There are number of ways people can find you in PhysCult:
1. Sharing the link to your profile: the icon on the top right corner of your profile allows you to copy the link that will take anyone to your profile right within the app. If they have installed PhysCult, they will go straight to your profile; if they haven’t, they first install the app and then will go directly to your profile! That is some real shortcut!

2. Generated workouts: your public exercises fall into workouts created for people who came to PhysCult without a specific trainer in mind. At the end of each workout, if your exercise was in it, the person will see a link to your profile. So put your best foot forward with public exercises, but remember they need to be appropriate for the general public to perform.

3. Trainer rankings: your exercises are crushing it and you trainer’s ranking is nearing 100% this week. You are now in the top chart of the trainers in the app. Head to the second tab (whistle) and check who are the most popular trainers at the moment. The ranking updates every hour.

4. Trainer search: you profile is searchable from the trainer’s tab. Remember, however, you cannot search for yourself.

5. Shared routine: send a routine to someone, and, once they open PhysCult, your routine will lead them to your profile.

Where can I share a link to my profile?

A link to your profile is yours and unique for you. If you want to turn your devoted social media followers into your clients, if you want to challenge them for a transformation, or simply share a dedicated space for your workout updates, copy and paste your profile link in any social media channels you wish. Following the link, they will see your PhysCult profile, exercises, and workouts.

People came to my profile; now what?

Firstly, don’t have them coming to an empty profile. Couple exercises and workouts to see what you are about. Secondly, use your bio for call to action, and add your email. The email in the bio is clickable! That means they can click on it and have the email app open to drop you a note. Email you for a free trial routine? Contact you for bespoke training or to subscribe for workout updates? Share a routine to your email to enter a contest? It’s all up to you. Just don’t leave them hanging.

How do I stay on top of the ranks?

Have your followers, supporters, friends, your mom, do your exercises, workouts, and routines. The more they do each week, the higher your rank is. The rankings update every hour and reset each week, so everyone has a chance to get on top.

How do I know which exercises perform well and which not?

Each exercise tracks Views and Performs, just like a YouTube video tracks views and likes. Keep in mind that a private exercise is only viewed and performed when shared. A lot of Views and little Performs would probably mean an exercise is hard to understand. A lot of Performs and little Views may mean that people can do an exercises again without re-watching it.

How do I know how many people got to the routine I shared?

Sometimes you share a routine but people don’t have PhysCult. You see them as emails on the list. Once they download the app, it will transform to their pic and and a user name. The ones missing in action will still be as emails.

How do I do a bespoke online fitness training via PhysCult?

Create a few days worth of workouts. Send them to your client together with the notes, diet, and other instructions. After a checkin period, modify the same routine a little or a lot (don’t send a new one!), and your client will see that the routine has been updated.
Pro tip: To see your client’s form, ask them to record the same exercises, upload them privately, re-create the routine, and share it with you. In fact, they can even do a video checkin as a short video exercise.

How do I do a workout guide or a transformation challenge via PhysCult?

If you have a ready workout program that needs no updates as the users go through it, create all separate workouts and name them referencing weeks and/or days. For example, Week 1, Monday: Whole Body Workout. If sending all workouts in the same routine would make it too long, create a few routines and share them one after another. If it’s a challenge, and every one starts at the same time, you can share a new week as the challenge progresses.

How do I do a subscription channel via PhysCult?

Want to share a brand new workout with your supporters twice a week? Simply create one routine and add the subscribers to the routine as they come. Make sure to update the same routine but changing workouts and any instructions so that your audience keeps getting fresh content as promised!

How do I engage with my audience?

Remember to have a call to action in your bio! Have your supporters send you their routines for your feedback. Ask for the videos demonstrating the form and their transformation. Most pushups in 15 seconds? The most beautiful pull-up? A muscle-up? It’s really up to your fantasy!

My craft involves complex movements. How do I use PhysCult?

So you train yoga, contortion, martial arts, pole, aerial silks, hoop or something that you are the only master in the whole world. And you are a hustler, so you wonder if PhysCult can help you so that your clients performed your workouts in the app. Can you move be broken in smaller ones to progress through? Can you identify what muscles work in those smaller movements? If Yes, PhysCult will work for you! Simply create a “workout” for each movement, where the first video demonstrates the full expression of a move and the following – it’s steps or conditioning toward it.

Have other ideas or suggestions to use PhysCult creatively, let us know at!