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How do I edit exercises?

Go to My Exercises folder in My Workouts and tap on any exercise. Change exercise name, private vs public status, and muscles involved in the exercise. All of these changes will reflect on the existing exercises, workouts, and routine drafts. Routines that you already sent, however, will not change.
If you decide to delete an exercise, but it is involved in a workout, you will get a notification that this exercise cannot be deleted. So you will not end up with a workout with holes in it!

How do I edit workouts?

Go to My Workouts folder in My Workouts tab and swipe left on a workout. Yes, that’s a little hidden treasure! Change the workout name, public or private option, exercise order, and number and order of sets in each exercise. These changes will reflect your routine drafts but not the routines you already shared.
By analogy with exercises, if you decide to delete a workout, but it is involved in a routine, you will get a notification that this workout cannot be deleted.

How do I edit routines?

Go to My Routines folder in My Workouts, and you will see the routines that you’ve already shared. To edit these, tap on any routine, and press Edit on the top right. You can change the commentary, workouts, and their order. That means, you can add a new workout every week and turn this shared routine into your private subscription channel.
Before you send a routine, however, it is in a draft form. To exit a routine Draft, click on Drafts in the upper right corner and tap on any draft. From here, the editing is identical to the editing of a routine you already shared.

How do I send a routine to someone?

Once your draft routine is ready to go, you can share it to however many people you wish! Just enter their emails one by one and add a small message if you wish. You can share the same or slightly modified draft to a new person every time. This way, you establish a one-on-one connection with this specific person. So the further modifications of the routine for one person will not change it for another.

Alternatively, you can add more and more people to the same routine. In this case, any changes in this routine will change a routine for all. And a newest user will see the current state of a workout routine when it was shared.

How do I know if a person was able to access a routine?

What is someone does not have PhysCult yet? Fear not! Any routine you share to them will be available once they download the app and register with this email. After that, you will see that this person’s email and the image placeholder will turn into a username and a real picture. Now you know that the person has gotten to the routine!

What happens if I delete a user from a routine or delete a routine?

Sometimes you will need to delete a user from a routine. Users you have deleted keep the last version of the routine but stop receiving the updates. If you deleted a user accidentally, add her to this routine again!

If you deleted a routine that you previously shared, it’s recipients will get to keep it as your lasting memory.