Are you really fit, or just really hungry?

A comprehensive guide to determine whether you are fit

Who or what has formed your initial understanding of fitness? Most of us have a benchmark we use to determine whether we call somebody fit. How did that mental benchmark come about?

Some people learned about fitness in their physical training classes in school.  “I was able to run 10 miles and do 10 pull-ups back then. I was really fit” – is how that definition of “fit” manifests itself.

But for many of us, school experience is so remote that fitness of our adulthood becomes a completely different category than fitness when we were teenagers. We go to the gym, observe and compare. We listen to personal trainers. Multiple things affect how we determine fitness. But the most impactful and imposing definition of fitness for a modern young adult comes from social media. It is impactful due to the massive reach of social media platforms. It is imposing because a hashtag #fitness under an image means nothing else but “this is my definition of fitness”.

Despite an individual right to decide what we call fit, many #fitness images converge to a certain type of look. Professional fitness models set the standard, and their inspired supporters achieve a similar look. So, in a way, a hashtag #fitness becomes an endorsement of a certain lifestyle or look these models maintain.

Lifestyle or full-time job?

While using someone’s discipline as a motivation is great, we often forget to separate the demands of fitness modeling profession from the practicality of everyday lifestyle. Competing athletes periodically put themselves through a stress of a contest prep. As the result, many of them meticulously monitor all the body systems, particularly hormones, to remain within a range or at least not to go out of balance for extended periods of time. Fitness athletes need recovery as much as training in the gym. Nutrition and supplementation often are nothing short of scientific.

Following blindly the desire to achieve a certain look, we often earn a precious six-pack but end up exhausted and without the sex drive. On the outside, we conform to the mainstream definition of fit, but on the inside, it is a disaster. And then we ask ourselves: “Am I fit, or I am just really hungry?” With these thoughts, we created our own (not so serious) comprehensive guide. It will help you answer this question.

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