Your inner hoarder stops you from getting fit: 40 things you need to throw out now.

Fitness is very much about getting rid of things that weigh you down. For physical fitness, we drop unnecessary weight and cleanse our body from the inside. For mental fitness, we meditate to silence those never-ending conversations about our fears, self-worth, and future we have with our monkey brain. We are […]

Anti-fitness fitness products

Fitness products that do not make you fit aka Get Fit Fast

How much of what you buy is aimed to improve your confidence? Many things we get in our possession, permanently or temporary, beyond the basic needs, are meant to improve our self-esteem. We rent an apartment that is more expensive than what we can comfortably afford, just to say we […]

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Fitness Motivation, Part 2: self-motivation deconstructed

In the last post, we explored how motivation by others’ transformations, while powerful at first, does not last long. Most motivational fitness stories are not something we can truly relate to, unless we are going through some life-changing events. If we do, we use those stories as a road map […]

fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation, Part 1: motivated by other’s story.

Your fitness motivation often starts with somebody’s story that moves you. Here you are, looking at her picture and thinking, “Wow, she is amazing! She did it, against all odds. True inspiration.” In the midst of all the challenges, temptations, and distractions, this person, looking at you from an image, […]

Why is fitness your gateway to happiness?

Feel free to roll your eyes on how cliche it sounds that fitness can unlock happiness for you. Once you finished, continue reading. There are three ways we manifest ourselves as human beings: with our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical bodies. Those three expressions, as a combination, help us […]

Week of No Gym Workouts

One Week of No Gym Workouts

Let ANYWHERE be your gym!☀️ Let your body be your weights! Do these six no gym workouts anytime and anywhere you wish. This is your time, your rules, your body! Click large images to perform these workouts right in PhysCult app! Day 1: Legs Workout, No Gym Get that tasty roundness and […]

Fitness Trends

These Seven Fitness Trends on Instagram Will Improve Your Relationship with Your Body

In a typical office cubicle, with five people in four feet proximity, the smell of a microwaved chicken breast was a clear insult. Of course, I knew that my fitness diet was causing discomforts for my colleagues. Yet the discomfort of my own had too much power over me. So […]

Fitness Hacks

Fitness hacks to stay consistent and to break the all-or-nothing cycle

Day 1: My diet starts tomorrow, no excuses. Day 2: Oh but it’s Friday! I cannot leave my friends like that. Day 3: I will never eat pizza again until my stomach is ripped. Day 4: Sunday funday. AKA pizza day. Familiar? Way too often we adopt an extremely strict […]

Legs Workout for Men and Women

Feature Workouts: No squats leg training

Perform these legs workouts to stand firm on your feet for what you believe in. For rebels and contrarians;  for those who do not follow the rules and conventions! Get those strong legs to make steps on a road no one traveled before and to climb the heights never reached. […]

Flat Abs

Six pack: the contradicting nature of chiseled abs

People say a six-pack is ugly until they get their own. Abs have a special place in fitness: they put a proud owner in that select group of human beings unafraid to take their shirt off anytime and without a special reason.  If a round booty is the queen of fitness pictures, a […]

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