Back Workout

Feature workouts: back workout to bring that sexy back

For those who carry some baggage and still want to bring that sexy back! Whether you are breaking your back, staying laid back, or bouncing back, this back workout will keep you straight in your course to amazing. Click large images to perform these workouts right in PhysCult app! (The […]

Mental Fitness

Mentally Obese?

Understanding mental fitness through the analogy with physical fitness When I signed up for weeks of chicken breast and cucumbers diet, I thought the body I had at that time was not truly mine. I needed to reconcile it with what my body should have been. Long story short, within […]

By Oxana K.
Abs Workouts

Feature workouts: abs workout for stomach that causes a drooling effect

For those who want to put their best foot, and not their stomach, forward. For those who strive to be strong in their core and keep their sexy too. These workouts are for six-pack chasers, who want to find the perfect abs without losing their mind. 🌟👙 🌟👙🌟👙 Click large images to perform these workouts […]

Three Approaches to Eating: Bro Diet, Flexible Diet, Intuitive Eating

Google “diet types” and you may easily come up with a toilet roll-long list of different diets. Scroll through a social media feed of a few fitness personalities, however, and all you see is two types of images. It is either a table full of containers with “Sunday meal prep” caption. Or […]

Flexibility and Hamstrings

Feature Workouts for Hamstrings: When Toilet Seat Becomes an Enemy & Get Splits or Die Trying

For those who are willing to sacrifice the serene morning time on the toilet for the sake of piece-of-art hamstrings and glutes. For stoics who live through the pain to get to a split one day. These two workouts are for those who are strong, flexible, and beautiful all around! 🍊🍊🍊 Click […]

How to be more flexible: questions you always wanted to ask

Flexibility training demystified For years, dudes have been using a short and safe set of flexibility moves to get themselves oriented in the gym and to establish their presence. Similarly, ladies have strategically implemented more elaborate flexibility exercises to demonstrate their gracefulness and unavailability. Recognizing the importance of such stretches […]

Feature Workout

Feature workouts: lower body and upper body. Gym not needed

For night owls who do not want to feel bad about tacos ordered on the expense account. For tireless moms, relentless networkers, social media rising stars, starving artists, and crazy entrepreneurs.  These two workouts can be done right where you are standing. Because we get it – you are busy AF. […]

Are you really fit or hungry

Are you really fit, or just really hungry?

A comprehensive guide to determine whether you are fit Who or what has formed your initial understanding of fitness? Most of us have a benchmark we use to determine whether we call somebody fit. How did that mental benchmark come about? Some people learned about fitness in their physical training classes […]

training with intent

Power of intent in fitness: one person’s view on doing less and achieving more in fitness

I have always been the first to go for overkill. If there is a workout plan – I’d complete it and a bit more to make sure I haven’t slacked. If there is a diet – I’d leave some food untouched to practice control. That extra mile in fitness promised exceptional results and better chances […]

PhysCult Launch

PhysCult App : What are we doing here?

For the last year we have been putting our talents, hours, and energy into building PhysCult app, a peer-to-peer online fitness training platform. As PhysCult launches on the App Store, we thought it’s a good time to reflect on what drove us to this line and kept us awake at night. […]

By PhysCult
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