How I screwed up every Instagram-worthy reason to be fit

Within two minutes from my waking… “I wish my abs looked like that all day long.” “When are you finally buying the batteries for these fancy scales that can measure your body fat?” “Or maybe just throw the scales out. After all, I don’t define myself by a number.”  “Breakfast […]

By Oxana K.

Personal Trainer: How to find more clients using Twitter

If you are an online personal trainer, how did you get your first client? Was it someone from your gym who moved away but still needed your guidance? Was it a devoted social media follower who loved your wisdom and practical advice? Or was it a referral from your aunt […]

By PhysCult

What’s wrong with your fitness formula?

Fitness equations that explain your results There is always that one person on an exercise bike every time you come to the gym. Headphones on, he is on a mission to shed those extra pounds. Day after day, he is spinning when you come in and when you leave. Always. […]

By PhysCult

Learn about your online fitness training clients to build loyalty

How to Engage and Retain Your Online Clients: Bitmoji Infographic In the days of super connectedness we often forget that whoever we are dealing with on the other side of a digital bridge is also a human being. “Or is it?” – I think to myself staring at a comment […]

By PhysCult

Six ultra-successful people who made fitness their priority

Two main excuses in fitness are “tired” and “do not have time”. In the previous post, we looked at inspiring athletes who are training despite the difficulties of their personal circumstances. But if you find yourself using a “no time” excuse, because you need 200% performance 100% of the time, read […]

By PhysCult
Athletes overcoming difficulties

Five athletes that overcome the impossible with a smile on their face

A Small Reminder That You Can Kick Ass No Matter What Your Conditions Are Remember the last time you complained about having to go to gym? You are tired and stressed; your foot hurts; your body feels heavy today; you did not sleep enough; you want to take a break. […]

By PhysCult
Online Fitness Trainers on Instagram Stories

How online fitness trainers can use Instagram Stories to grow engagement and reach

Seven Ways to Use Instagram Stories if You Are an Online Fitness Trainer Let’s get over the topic of how much Instagram has copied Snapchat Stories. How can online fitness trainers use Instagram Stories now to provide valuable content to their audience? Here’s is the list of ways to get more love […]

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