Week of No Gym Workouts

One Week of No Gym Workouts

Let ANYWHERE be your gym!☀️ Let your body be your weights! Do these six no gym workouts anytime and anywhere you wish. This is your time, your rules, your body! Click large images to perform these workouts right in PhysCult app! Day 1: Legs Workout, No Gym Get that tasty roundness and […]

Legs Workout for Men and Women

Feature Workouts: No squats leg training

Perform these legs workouts to stand firm on your feet for what you believe in. For rebels and contrarians;  for those who do not follow the rules and conventions! Get those strong legs to make steps on a road no one traveled before and to climb the heights never reached. […]

Back Workout

Feature workouts: back workout to bring that sexy back

For those who carry some baggage and still want to bring that sexy back! Whether you are breaking your back, staying laid back, or bouncing back, this back workout will keep you straight in your course to amazing. Click large images to perform these workouts right in PhysCult app! (The […]

Abs Workouts

Feature workouts: abs workout for stomach that causes a drooling effect

For those who want to put their best foot, and not their stomach, forward. For those who strive to be strong in their core and keep their sexy too. These workouts are for six-pack chasers, who want to find the perfect abs without losing their mind. 🌟👙 🌟👙🌟👙 Click large images to perform these workouts […]

Flexibility and Hamstrings

Feature Workouts for Hamstrings: When Toilet Seat Becomes an Enemy & Get Splits or Die Trying

For those who are willing to sacrifice the serene morning time on the toilet for the sake of piece-of-art hamstrings and glutes. For stoics who live through the pain to get to a split one day. These two workouts are for those who are strong, flexible, and beautiful all around! 🍊🍊🍊 Click […]

Feature Workout

Feature workouts: lower body and upper body. Gym not needed

For night owls who do not want to feel bad about tacos ordered on the expense account. For tireless moms, relentless networkers, social media rising stars, starving artists, and crazy entrepreneurs.  These two workouts can be done right where you are standing. Because we get it – you are busy AF. […]