Your inner hoarder stops you from getting fit: 40 things you need to throw out now.

Fitness is very much about getting rid of things that weigh you down. For physical fitness, we drop unnecessary weight and cleanse our body from the inside. For mental fitness, we meditate to silence those never-ending conversations about our fears, self-worth, and future we have with our monkey brain. We are […]

Anti-fitness fitness products

Fitness products that do not make you fit aka Get Fit Fast

How much of what you buy is aimed to improve your confidence? Many things we get in our possession, permanently or temporary, beyond the basic needs, are meant to improve our self-esteem. We rent an apartment that is more expensive than what we can comfortably afford, just to say we […]

By PhysCult

Fitness Motivation, Part 2: self-motivation deconstructed

In the last post, we explored how motivation by others’ transformations, while powerful at first, does not last long. Most motivational fitness stories are not something we can truly relate to, unless we are going through some life-changing events. If we do, we use those stories as a road map […]

Fitness Hacks

Fitness hacks to stay consistent and to break the all-or-nothing cycle

Day 1: My diet starts tomorrow, no excuses. Day 2: Oh but it’s Friday! I cannot leave my friends like that. Day 3: I will never eat pizza again until my stomach is ripped. Day 4: Sunday funday. AKA pizza day. Familiar? Way too often we adopt an extremely strict […]

Flat Abs

Six pack: the contradicting nature of chiseled abs

People say a six-pack is ugly until they get their own. Abs have a special place in fitness: they put a proud owner in that select group of human beings unafraid to take their shirt off anytime and without a special reason.  If a round booty is the queen of fitness pictures, a […]

By PhysCult
Mental Fitness

Mentally Obese?

Understanding mental fitness through the analogy with physical fitness When I signed up for weeks of chicken breast and cucumbers diet, I thought the body I had at that time was not truly mine. I needed to reconcile it with what my body should have been. Long story short, within […]

By Oxana K.

Three Approaches to Eating: Bro Diet, Flexible Diet, Intuitive Eating

Google “diet types” and you may easily come up with a toilet roll-long list of different diets. Scroll through a social media feed of a few fitness personalities, however, and all you see is two types of images. It is either a table full of containers with “Sunday meal prep” caption. Or […]

How to be more flexible: questions you always wanted to ask

Flexibility training demystified For years, dudes have been using a short and safe set of flexibility moves to get themselves oriented in the gym and to establish their presence. Similarly, ladies have strategically implemented more elaborate flexibility exercises to demonstrate their gracefulness and unavailability. Recognizing the importance of such stretches […]

Are you really fit or hungry

Are you really fit, or just really hungry?

A comprehensive guide to determine whether you are fit Who or what has formed your initial understanding of fitness? Most of us have a benchmark we use to determine whether we call somebody fit. How did that mental benchmark come about? Some people learned about fitness in their physical training classes […]

training with intent

Power of intent in fitness: one person’s view on doing less and achieving more in fitness

I have always been the first to go for overkill. If there is a workout plan – I’d complete it and a bit more to make sure I haven’t slacked. If there is a diet – I’d leave some food untouched to practice control. That extra mile in fitness promised exceptional results and better chances […]

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