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Fitness training develops these three powers, and they are central to human connection

When I started training people in fitness, I thought I needed to be invincible to be successful. A fit body should mirror what you preach. And the “can do it all” attitude should be a constant of a daily life. A trainer is an ultimate master of body and mind, no […]

body hate

How to Stop Body Hate: seven mindset qualities to love your body

Body hate is a nasty consequence of rising popularity of fitness lifestyle. As much as fitness is about changing our body in positive ways via exercise and diet, it rarely involves exercising our mind to treat our body right. Even the whole idea of going to gym often begins with a thought that […]

Oatmeal Recipes

13 Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Recipes To Start Loving Your Mornings

1. Overnight Oatmeal with Pumpkin: “Thankful for Early Mornings”🎃☁️☀️ Calories 490 / Protein 16 / Fat 19 / Carbs 61 Prepare the night before! Keep refrigerated. Ingredients: 🌾Organic oats – 60g 🎃 Pumpkin – 40g 😈 Prunes – 20g 🌵 Agave nectar – 1 tea spoon (can be substituted with […]

New York Ciy Marathon: R.I.P. Toes and Long Life Humanity

Marathon elicits these powerful human interactions, and we need have more of them in our regular lives It’s been 5 years that I wake up to a cheering crowd on the first Sunday of November. Annual New York City Marathon, one of the major sports events in New York City, […]

Simple Math of Fitness Comparison

You look up from your phone and think “Time to get on with my life.” The last 20 minutes flew by as you browsed through your Instagram feed:  you caught up on the recent updates from a celebrity trainer, checked a new outfit from a fashion blogger, noted a low […]

Vulnerable truth of a (failed) fitness bikini competitor

My heart is pounding and I am visibly shaking. “Stop shaking! stop shaking!” – my inner voice says as I stand in line under the bright lights and smile through my dried out teeth.  The lights are so blinding that I cannot not see the audience. The only faces I […]

By Oxana K.

How to silence your monkey brain when you workout

Guide on how to be mindful and get your six pack too The moment you wake up, he tells you “What would you like to eat? The weather is shitty and the traffic is heavy.” And then he goes, “Oh you gained weight! Yes, I remember how you planned to […]

By PhysCult

How I screwed up every Instagram-worthy reason to be fit

Within two minutes from my waking… “I wish my abs looked like that all day long.” “When are you finally buying the batteries for these fancy scales that can measure your body fat?” “Or maybe just throw the scales out. After all, I don’t define myself by a number.”  “Breakfast […]

By Oxana K.

What’s wrong with your fitness formula?

Fitness equations that explain your results There is always that one person on an exercise bike every time you come to the gym. Headphones on, he is on a mission to shed those extra pounds. Day after day, he is spinning when you come in and when you leave. Always. […]

By PhysCult
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