fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation, Part 1: motivated by other’s story.

Your fitness motivation often starts with somebody’s story that moves you. Here you are, looking at her picture and thinking, “Wow, she is amazing! She did it, against all odds. True inspiration.” In the midst of all the challenges, temptations, and distractions, this person, looking at you from an image, […]

Why is fitness your gateway to happiness?

Feel free to roll your eyes on how cliche it sounds that fitness can unlock happiness for you. Once you finished, continue reading. There are three ways we manifest ourselves as human beings: with our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical bodies. Those three expressions, as a combination, help us […]

New Year New Me

What if “New Year New Me” mantra did not quite work out this time?

Holiday season is usually the time when we start reflecting on the results of the last 12 months. Last year, on December 31st, we made a list of wishes or resolutions and now it’s time to check where we are standing. Great if you achieved everything, and you are now on a complete new […]

fitness training connection

Fitness training develops these three powers, and they are central to human connection

When I started training people in fitness, I thought I needed to be invincible to be successful. A fit body should mirror what you preach. And the “can do it all” attitude should be a constant of a daily life. A trainer is an ultimate master of body and mind, no […]

New York Ciy Marathon: R.I.P. Toes and Long Life Humanity

Marathon elicits these powerful human interactions, and we need have more of them in our regular lives It’s been 5 years that I wake up to a cheering crowd on the first Sunday of November. Annual New York City Marathon, one of the major sports events in New York City, […]

Six reasons you are luckier than others

When you were little, your mom probably told you that you were special. Among all the kids on a playground, the most talented and good looking, you were destined to become a champion and conquer the world. And then you grew up and realized: the odds are against you. There […]