Fitness Trends

These Seven Fitness Trends on Instagram Will Improve Your Relationship with Your Body

In a typical office cubicle, with five people in four feet proximity, the smell of a microwaved chicken breast was a clear insult. Of course, I knew that my fitness diet was causing discomforts for my colleagues. Yet the discomfort of my own had too much power over me. So […]

Are you really fit or hungry

Are you really fit, or just really hungry?

A comprehensive guide to determine whether you are fit Who or what has formed your initial understanding of fitness? Most of us have a benchmark we use to determine whether we call somebody fit. How did that mental benchmark come about? Some people learned about fitness in their physical training classes […]

Simple Math of Fitness Comparison

You look up from your phone and think “Time to get on with my life.” The last 20 minutes flew by as you browsed through your Instagram feed:  you caught up on the recent updates from a celebrity trainer, checked a new outfit from a fashion blogger, noted a low […]

How Massy Arias, a celebrity fitness trainer, is winning on Instagram

Actionable insights Massy Arias is one of the most inspiring and recognized personalities in today’s fitness world. She is genuine, fresh, and fun. She is a fitness trainer who has started a movement. Her energy, quirkiness, and care for her audience attracted over 2 million followers on Instagram. Despite a […]

Online Fitness Trainers on Instagram Stories

How online fitness trainers can use Instagram Stories to grow engagement and reach

Seven Ways to Use Instagram Stories if You Are an Online Fitness Trainer Let’s get over the topic of how much Instagram has copied Snapchat Stories. How can online fitness trainers use Instagram Stories now to provide valuable content to their audience? Here’s is the list of ways to get more love […]