fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation, Part 1: motivated by other’s story.

Your fitness motivation often starts with somebody’s story that moves you. Here you are, looking at her picture and thinking, “Wow, she is amazing! She did it, against all odds. True inspiration.” In the midst of all the challenges, temptations, and distractions, this person, looking at you from an image, […]

Fitness Trends

These Seven Fitness Trends on Instagram Will Improve Your Relationship with Your Body

In a typical office cubicle, with five people in four feet proximity, the smell of a microwaved chicken breast was a clear insult. Of course, I knew that my fitness diet was causing discomforts for my colleagues. Yet the discomfort of my own had too much power over me. So […]

training with intent

Power of intent in fitness: one person’s view on doing less and achieving more in fitness

I have always been the first to go for overkill. If there is a workout plan – I’d complete it and a bit more to make sure I haven’t slacked. If there is a diet – I’d leave some food untouched to practice control. That extra mile in fitness promised exceptional results and better chances […]

PhysCult Launch

PhysCult App : What are we doing here?

For the last year we have been putting our talents, hours, and energy into building PhysCult app, a peer-to-peer online fitness training platform. As PhysCult launches on the App Store, we thought it’s a good time to reflect on what drove us to this line and kept us awake at night. […]

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How Massy Arias, a celebrity fitness trainer, is winning on Instagram

Actionable insights Massy Arias is one of the most inspiring and recognized personalities in today’s fitness world. She is genuine, fresh, and fun. She is a fitness trainer who has started a movement. Her energy, quirkiness, and care for her audience attracted over 2 million followers on Instagram. Despite a […]

Six ultra-successful people who made fitness their priority

Two main excuses in fitness are “tired” and “do not have time”. In the previous post, we looked at inspiring athletes who are training despite the difficulties of their personal circumstances. But if you find yourself using a “no time” excuse, because you need 200% performance 100% of the time, read […]

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Athletes overcoming difficulties

Five athletes that overcome the impossible with a smile on their face

A Small Reminder That You Can Kick Ass No Matter What Your Conditions Are Remember the last time you complained about having to go to gym? You are tired and stressed; your foot hurts; your body feels heavy today; you did not sleep enough; you want to take a break. […]

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