Your inner hoarder stops you from getting fit: 40 things you need to throw out now.

Fitness is very much about getting rid of things that weigh you down. For physical fitness, we drop unnecessary weight and cleanse our body from the inside. For mental fitness, we meditate to silence those never-ending conversations about our fears, self-worth, and future we have with our monkey brain. We are […]


Fitness Motivation, Part 2: self-motivation deconstructed

In the last post, we explored how motivation by others’ transformations, while powerful at first, does not last long. Most motivational fitness stories are not something we can truly relate to, unless we are going through some life-changing events. If we do, we use those stories as a road map […]

Why is fitness your gateway to happiness?

Feel free to roll your eyes on how cliche it sounds that fitness can unlock happiness for you. Once you finished, continue reading. There are three ways we manifest ourselves as human beings: with our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical bodies. Those three expressions, as a combination, help us […]

Fitness Hacks

Fitness hacks to stay consistent and to break the all-or-nothing cycle

Day 1: My diet starts tomorrow, no excuses. Day 2: Oh but it’s Friday! I cannot leave my friends like that. Day 3: I will never eat pizza again until my stomach is ripped. Day 4: Sunday funday. AKA pizza day. Familiar? Way too often we adopt an extremely strict […]

How to be more flexible: questions you always wanted to ask

Flexibility training demystified For years, dudes have been using a short and safe set of flexibility moves to get themselves oriented in the gym and to establish their presence. Similarly, ladies have strategically implemented more elaborate flexibility exercises to demonstrate their gracefulness and unavailability. Recognizing the importance of such stretches […]

New Year New Me

What if “New Year New Me” mantra did not quite work out this time?

Holiday season is usually the time when we start reflecting on the results of the last 12 months. Last year, on December 31st, we made a list of wishes or resolutions and now it’s time to check where we are standing. Great if you achieved everything, and you are now on a complete new […]

body hate

How to Stop Body Hate: seven mindset qualities to love your body

Body hate is a nasty consequence of rising popularity of fitness lifestyle. As much as fitness is about changing our body in positive ways via exercise and diet, it rarely involves exercising our mind to treat our body right. Even the whole idea of going to gym often begins with a thought that […]

Personal Trainer: How to find more clients using Twitter

If you are an online personal trainer, how did you get your first client? Was it someone from your gym who moved away but still needed your guidance? Was it a devoted social media follower who loved your wisdom and practical advice? Or was it a referral from your aunt […]

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Learn about your online fitness training clients to build loyalty

How to Engage and Retain Your Online Clients: Bitmoji Infographic In the days of super connectedness we often forget that whoever we are dealing with on the other side of a digital bridge is also a human being. “Or is it?” – I think to myself staring at a comment […]

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