Your inner hoarder stops you from getting fit: 40 things you need to throw out now.

Fitness is very much about getting rid of things that weigh you down. For physical fitness, we drop unnecessary weight and cleanse our body from the inside. For mental fitness, we meditate to silence those never-ending conversations about our fears, self-worth, and future we have with our monkey brain. We are trying to drop the baggage of physical and emotional weight to become light. This idea of becoming lighter, however, does not actualize well in our consumer’s lives, no matter how fitness-oriented we get.

Your mind is on the lookout for acquiring things. This, in our society, is a sign of success. More of everything. First we want it, then we get it, then we stop using it, and then we store it. Very soon, this thing occupies a tiny physical space in your closet, and clogs your life. It’s insignificant enough to not care about it actively. But each of those things leaves a small trace that, combined with traces of other things, adds of to a huge pile of, often unnoticeable, garbage you hold.

Our physical life affects our spiritual life. Our outer affects the inner. The more a hoarder in you insists on holding on to things you once desired and now stored away, the less physical space and emotional headspace you have.

Here’s the list of things that invisibly weigh you down. You keep them because they remind of you who you once were or who you still want to become. They have a claim on your space because you might need them one day, for a special occasion or for an unexpected need. You hold on to those things because they evoke stories, once important to you.
But we rethink who we are. And no you aren’t a collector of elephant statutes! That bag you wore as a freshman is not coming back in style.  That special occasion or an unexpected need has not come for years. And you know that the stories are in your heart and not in physical objects you attach them to.

Get. Rid. Of. These. Things.

1. Fitness clothes– you will always be buying more anyways.

2. Clothes that were presents– it was nice of them, but you are not wearing them, even on a holiday get-together.

3. Old shoes and sneakers– how many do you already have?

4. Refrigerator magnets– “someone who’s been to Paris loves you”. Note taken, magnet – out.

5. School books– no, you will re-read them one day.

6. School notes– you are not revising them either.

7. Old kitchen appliances– you’ve been using one bawl and one plate all this time.

8. Cosmetics, shampoos, and nail polish you do not use– you are not suddenly going to like them now.

9. Old perfumes– neither you are going to feel like wearing that scent.

10. Old vitamins, supplements, and pills– how long have those things been sitting in your cabinet?

11. Candles, candleholders, and incense – if there is time for romance, you’ll get a new one.

12. Old coffee mugs– places and people they remind you of are still there.

13. Paint– yes, you have it and you are not touching up the walls anytime soon!

14. Toys– someone can enjoy them more than you do now.

15. Corporate clothes– they just hold that office energy; you don’t need that in your life.

16. Cords– a pile of them have lived entangled for a while now.

17. Old headphones– the ones that have been tangled up in a pile of cords.

18. Old phones and their boxes, speakers, routers– discard them properly, get rid of them mercilessly.

19. Post-it notes from months ago – time to put a new set of reminders.

20. Old CDs with favorite movies – don’t worry, internet has those movies!

21. Picture frames that have been empty forever – looks like they are not getting a picture, ever.

22. Old blankets – how many guests slept over at your house in the last year?

23. Clock alarm – the one in your phone does the trick already.

24. Halloween costumes – you are going to wear that French maid again, really?

25. Old pics with exes – just get rid of them already!

26. Cards from people who do not matter to you anymore – burn them together with the pics of exes.

27. Pens that no longer write – you got a few laying around.

28. Old credit cards – shred it and forget it.

29. Used gift cards – you do not keep them because you like the design, or do you?

30. Business cards of people you will never get in touch with – no they aren’t your network.

31. Dormant apps on your screen – if they are of no use, they hijack your space.

32. Erotic gels you are not using – don’t let them be a reminder!

33. Non-precious and metal jewels – “one day I am going to wear it,” – you said like a hundred of times.

34. Free t-shirts you got at the events – if you are not using them to sleep in or to mop the floor with, they are out.

35. Stockings with a hole that are OK to put under jeans – c’mon, that you can afford!

36. IKEA floor lights / decor that do not fit your interior – let them go!

37. Gift wrappers – you know will buy new ones every time.

38. Single socks that you are hoping to find a pair one day – let them forever be single.

39. Keys from the doors that you no longer open – time to try new doors.

40. That broken thing you meant to repair for a year but never got to – get rid of it.

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